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South Jersey, United States
My style is not for everyone... I love capturing everyday images. Most of my photography is very natural. I'm not big on posing... I like to capture my subject's personality not a forced smile! The style is often called "lifestyle" photography and has a very photojournalistic feel.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

All mine...

Yes, I'm just getting around to posting pictures from the fall. I didn't even get to take their Christmas pictures yet. I know Dec. is this week but after the attitude I got from this past session with them I'm really not looking forward to trying. Every family I do apologizes for their kids not cooperating during the session... But compared to my own kids they are a dream. I took my kids to a park in Haddonfield, figuring a walk through the woods would distract them from realizing I was trying to make a photoshoot out of it. NOPE. We left 20 mins later with only a handful of pictures and my kids all sugared up from the bag of candy I was bribing them with!









1 comment:

Tom and Cindy said...

Beautiful photos. You certainly do have a marvelour talent.
Today is Blog Comment Day.
I have been following your blog, but never posted a comment.
I hope you have a perfect day


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