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South Jersey, United States
My style is not for everyone... I love capturing everyday images. Most of my photography is very natural. I'm not big on posing... I like to capture my subject's personality not a forced smile! The style is often called "lifestyle" photography and has a very photojournalistic feel.

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's that time of year...

Time for my kids to pick up every yukky germ out there! My poor babies were home sick this week... but in their weakened state they were unable to run from my camera!!!
A few of my favs...

I had to add this picture of her "sparklies"
She wore them even though she stayed in her nightgown all day... she had to remind me that even sick, she still "needs to be beautiful"
I still haven't figured out how I ended up with such a girly girl

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